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We believe that a Vision backed with focused, and disciplined Action can change the world.

With technology evolving at lightning speeds and the decentralization of education in this information age… we wanted to create an educational institution dedicated to the dreamers. The movers and shakers. The 21st century entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference.

The bottom line is that the world is CHANGING.

The worldʼs economies are shifting. Global industries are shifting. The careers and businesses of the future are shifting. What no one can deny at the end of the day is that the largest growth sectors happening in our world right now, the largest companies being born, the ‘industry disruptors’ are all being created online.

What household name companies have emerged in the last 5 years?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google just to name a few. Not to mention companies like Apple leading the way with iPhones, iPads and other technology-related products that are exploding onto the scene making it even easier for us to access and interact online.

But thatʼs really just the start. The opportunities that are being created because of this massive shift is for the little guy. Those who understand how to get in front of these trends and emerging technologies.

That’s why we chose to focus on providing a frame work, platform, and curriculum that allows driven self-starters the means to create a location-independent career leveraging emerging technologies. Progress College provides you with the hands on training, curriculum, coaching, tools, and support you need to enter this new and exciting ocean of opportunity.


We believe it is an honor to live in the service of others. Serving our clients isn’t what we do, it’s who we are. By serving, at the best of our ability, we collectively have the capacity to change the world. We strive to go above and beyond to ensure that every life we touch is better for having known us.

experts behind the marketing at a scale

Hard Core affilaite marketers and e-com experts are here to support you.

  • Brian Pfeiffer
    Brian Pfeiffer CEO

    Owner Brian Pfeiffer has over 15 Years of experience in Event Hosting, VIP Hosting, and Promotions. With many successful businesses under his belt including surrealnightlife.com and nightpubs.com you can always count on a great time and a successful event when Brian is involved.

  • Ross Minchev
    Ross Minchev Media Buying Partner

    Ross developed most of his professional experience from working for big companies (such as Nestle) to founding his own businesses. His dynamic way of thinking and strategic method for accomplishing projects brought him into the internet marketing industry. He is an entrepreneur that understands the everyday obstacles that come with running a company.

  • Christopher Longo
    Christopher Longo Media Buyer

    I started out in door to door sales then moved onto car sales before going into business for myself as a freelance copywriter. After copywriting I started my first ecommerce business and have been building and scaling ecommerce stores ever since, taking them from zero dollars in sales to six figure months.

  • Max Sylvestre
    Max Sylvestre Media Buying Expert

    Max joined Surreal LLC after a successful 9 year stock trading career. The risk management and pattern recognition skills as well as critical thinking ability he developed made for an easy transition into media buying. No stranger to managing large accounts, he is an expert at efficiently leveraging and compounding the resources at his disposal.

  • Div
    Div Social Media Manager

    Div has a 10 years experience in Web Designing and joined Brian’s team for social media management in 2009. Her clients are fully satisfied with her work, giving good feedback, bonuses and keep coming back. She has been a valuable member of the team and understands the requirements of social media very well.


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